It all started with an idea.

Khadijah was frustrated with not getting her list of to-do's done around the house. We started having "Project Support Days" where we and a few other friends took turns spending the day at one person's home, helping them with whatever project they needed help with. We changed lights, painted, created vingettes, cleaned, organized and updated furniture by adding unique, original details. We did it all. It turned out that we were quite good at it and loved doing it so much that other people started asking us to work on their homes. And just like that, P&K Interior Transformations was born.

We are committed to helping you love your home by designing a space that feels comfortable, is beautiful and reflects the life you want to create.

Khadijah and Penelope will consult and collaborate with you to develop a new vision for your space and then we'll do the hard work necessary to bring it to life.

P&K Interiors was created in 2014 as a partnership. Both Penelope and Khadijah could only do what they Love! They are a Design Happy Duo!

If you think we'd make a good team, introduce yourself and let us know a little bit about who you are and what you'd like help with.

We look forward to working with you!

Khadijah is an designer and stylist extraordinaire. She loves homes and loves to create.

When she was 4 years her favorite play activities were designer and teacher. She still plays, designs and her teaching has evolved into leading (pioneering). Khadijah’s background is in psychology, relationships and art.

Working as a teacher and coach most of her life has given her insight into relationships and people.

She loves to support the evolution of people and their space as well as the relationship to that space. The most important thing to her is the beauty of what unfolds when people come together with a common goal.

What she brings to her design projects is a robust attention to detail, an upbeat and somewhat irreverent approach. She loves lines and the many ways they merge to create texture, pattern and wow moments. She firmly believes that creativity not wealth is the key to having a happy and amazing home.

Khadijah is sure to inspire you to create, to let loose, to grow and enjoy your home in every moment.

Likes - big art, smart colors, vivacious people and little details.

Penelope Lee is a designer and DIYer who creates lively, beautiful and well lived-in spaces for busy professionals.

Self taught, Penelope specializes in creating harmonious spaces that function well on a practical level and feed the soul of the client. She loves creating the unexpected out of family memorabilia.

She mixes colors, styles and sources to create a unique home that reflects each client’s personality, budget and happy meter.

Her favorite projects involve clients who are stuck and having a hard time moving forward. She loves partnering with them to catalyze movement and design success.

Penelope studied Eastern philosophy in Columbia, MD. Her study of Feng Shui led her to study homes and how they affect health. Healthy, Happy and Homey is her motto..

Penelope lives in Frederick with her husband Greg and their 2 children.

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