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5 Ways to Increase Career Opportunities

5 Ways to Increase Career Opportunities

I was raised by southern women.

Some of my fondest memories are visiting my Aunt Gayle’s house in Georgia: a big wrap around porch with flowers everywhere. I’ve always loved front entryways. It’s the first impression of the house and sets the tone for a home.

When I started studying Feng Shui I realized that the front door is super important in creating good luck and opportunity for your career.

Let me explain a little…..

In Feng Shui each home has 9 areas. This is called the Bagua. Almost like a house sized tic tac toe board.  Each area represents a different aspect of your life. As soon as you walk into the entryway you are in your career section.

Feng Shui is a little like magic. Who would think that by changing your surroundings you could change parts of your life. Think of your home as a bigger representation of yourself and your entryway as a representation of your career.

If you want to open to bringing more good luck and abundance into your career or are feeling stuck in your career, redesign your front door area. Focus on the outer porch or portico area and the interior entryway.

Here are 5 ways to change it up:
Feng Shui
1. Paint your front door red or at least have some red around the front door.
Red is the color of abundance and prosperity. When it is placed by the front door it will attract positive chi or energy into your career. If you’re renting or just can’t paint, get some red pots out front and put something living in them.


Feng Shui

2. Clear clutter leading up to your house.
Make sure the walkway leading up to your home is clear of bushes, debris and is easy to access. Make it welcoming. Think of clutter as anti Feng Shui. It’s hard to attract new opportunity in your career if this area is bogged down in clutter. Having a clear space makes it easier for positive chi and good things to come into your career. If you look at the photo above and recognize a similarity get your pruning shears out and start trimming.

Feng Shui Red Door3. Does your front door stick?
If it does this is a problem. If your door is hard to open on an energetic level it will be hard for opportunity to reach you on every level. If your front door is the mouth of chi it must be easy to open and bright and colorful. This house has a red door which gives it an extra bonus. Walk up to your door and see for your self. Does it open easy? Do the hinges squeak? Is it fun and inviting once you get it? If not consider making a few changes to this super important area.


Feng Shui4. Organize the front entryway.
As you come into the house make sure the front area is clear of stuff. If your house is like mine the front door becomes a dumping ground for bags, shoes, mail and any other crap. Try setting up a system to contain the chaos. Have a place for shoes, mail, keys and other stuff. I leave a basket by my front door just to catch all the stuff that needs to be somewhere else. Even in the smallest spaces this is possible.

Feng Shui5. Water, Water, Water…
Your front entryway is associated with the water element on the BaGua. Water can be black or blue or clear. Add some black things in the entryway. I have a black mirror in mine. You can also add blue. Clear glass is great. Anything that has a water shape works. I also put a Feng Shui crystal in my entryway to activate that area.


Whatever your front entryway looks like. Little changes can make a difference in your career.

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