Full Service Design
Work and life got you all tied up? Have a home and want to add value, beauty and lasting quality to your life? Maybe you have an ideal and desire to create what you want in your home but don’t have the time to actualize it yourself. Full service design addresses all your design needs. We not only help you articulate your personal style or styles, we create a detailed design plan and implement for you from beginning to end. We do all the sourcing, shopping and styling as well. If local, we can also help you to source and manage contractors as well.

Vision Design Board
Are you stuck and unsure of how to get the look you want? Afraid to make costly mistakes? Motivated to take action but don’t have a plan?

Then this service is right up your alley.

We create a vision mood-board; it's a floor plan with furniture placement to scale and a detailed resource and shopping list custom fit to your budget.

A Little Styling
Do you love what you own but feel like you’re not showcasing your pieces properly?

Have a limited budget but want a fresh look? Don’t think you can afford to hire an interior designer?

For those of you who answered yes, we offer a more snappy and free flowing styling service to best use the pieces you already have in your home.

Design Challenge Questions Answered
Are your colors all wrong? Looking for creative way to address vents? Looking to avoid mistakes or perhaps address the ones already made. Ask us up to 3 design questions that are hampering your project(s).

Feng Shui Consult
Feng shui addresses your physical and spacial environment in a very specific application.

Here’s where the fun starts. Different areas of your home correlate to different aspects of your life. It’s called the Bagua. The Bagua in your home informs ideal arrangement of furniture and the stuff in your home to enhance these different areas of your life.?

Want to make some changes in your life but don’t know where to start? Want more abundance and prosperity in your life? Are your relationships stressed? Health issues? There are certain design plans to address and transform these challenges.Your home or office is always a great place to start.

A feng shui consult can consist of micro and macro applications. For example a consult can be applied to the room you spend a majority of your time in as well as your entire home.

Your home is a reflection of your life and this approach can help you thrive. Also this consult can be applied as an add on to any of the services we provide.

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